Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ending of Year 2010

Yes, I had been very lazy for the past few months, because there were too many interesting stuffs happened and off course I would like to share with all of you here.

Movies and movies, especially Premiere Screening. Let's start with Resident Evil

I won 4 premiere tickets for this movie in Cathay Cineplex along with a Sony USB Media Player. Watched with Nick and Susan and burned 1 ticket because we can't get anyone to watch along with us. Overall this movie was quite good but it is still the end of the Resident Evil series yet, which make me start to get bored following this movie. Anyway, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) is much hotter than Alice (Milla Jovovich) is this episode.

After that I also won 2 premiere tickets for another science fiction movie - Skyline. Watched with Mary in Mid Valley Megamall. I will give 7 out of 10 points for this 10 millions production cost movie, because they didn't mention what caused the attack from the outerspace and the miserable ending. I am pretty sure there will be part 2 for this movie and I hope it will be a better than the current one.

Watched this movie again with Ery, Christina and Vivian in Sunway Pyramid a week later.

Then I won 6 premiere tickets to watch The Social Network in Mid Valley Megamall, a story based on the founder of the Facebook (don't tell me you don't know what is Facebook). Watched with Nick, Susan, Bun Hua, Edwin and Kirax. Anyway it is a very nice movie that show us some of the realistic issue around the world, but you might feel bore if you are not a fan of those movie that talks a lot.

Before the movie we went for Pool session and I lost to Edwin, good and fair game. =) After the movie we went for supper at Ming Tian (Taman Megah) before we headed home.

I also won the tickets to watch harry potter and The Deathly Hallows (part 1) but since it felt on a public holiday's eve and it was located too far (Wangsa Walk), so I went to club instead of the movie. =P

Next I won 4 premiere tickets to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Anyway I am not a big fans of Narnia, but still enjoy the movie with Nick, Susan and Jason.

Then I watched Rapunzel with Christina, honestly I don't really like this type of movie but no choice, someone pay for the ticket so I just sat back and enjoy, lolx. =P

Last premiere I won, or perhaps will be the last movie I watched for the year, Tron Legacy, I won 4 tickets will Nick and Susan also won 4 respectively, that made us 12 in total, I watched with Bun Hua, Edwin, Jason while Nick and Susan with 6 of their friends (which I don't know) =P

This movie was remake from it original movie in year 1982, very nice and interesting movie bout the digital world, if you haven't watch it, better catch it before is too late.

Clubs? Not really, for real, once only, the other time was Hot Magazine 6 years anniversary events, here's some of the photos from the event where I went with Nick, Susan, Karmen and Alvin. Thanks for the invites from Mei Yan, a high position staff in the Hot Magazine.

Adam Lambert? =P

The Future Vampire Clans~

Prima Yin~

Prima Yin~

She is wearing a thong =P

After party~

After party~

His only photo for the night~

After caught up to the stage to dance ><

Belly dance performance~

Also went for club once, at The mist with Christina, Ery and Vivian but what happened inside the club is always a secret =P

As for my favourite hobby, the PPP, is been years i never travel to other place for PPP but finally I did it this year, at the town of JB. Where I spend almost a week there with some PPP freak, and also went to the club name Cabana there once =P

Not to forget the PPP gathering, even the attendance is so little well I guess we all enjoy the day, and the dinner, too bad for those who cannot join us. The photo will be uploaded in the next update due to time restriction.

Well, this will be the last update for the year 2010, and I think is still not too late to wish you all to have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The 3 missing months

Well, I had been missing for 3 months after the previous posts, sorry cause I am too lazy and busy but there are too many things I need to blog down as for memories.

From the World Cup to EPL (English Premier League), football is still remain as a hot topics as usual. Talking bout World Cup in South Africa, I am pleased with my favourite team - Germany, their performance in the Round of 16s and Quarter-finals seriously was too amazing, beating England and Argentina respectively, even through there was a major issue bout the match against England where the controversial England second's goal wasn't given.

But, the Germans had a bad game in the Semi-finals, beaten by Spain with a very poor performance. And Spain moved on to the Finals and won their first ever world champion by beating Holland. Germany got third by beating Uruguay in the play-off. Not bad for the Germans with an average age of 25.

EPL had now started, I am still supoorting MU (Manchester United), well hopefully this season they won't disappoint me.

Next sport's story, F1, I hate the new rules, the new scoring system, now the points margin between the drivers and the constructors looks so far but yet it's very close, my favourite driver - Michael Schumacher is back but he is with Mercedes GP, while my favourite constructors - Ferrari had got the services of the driver that I hated the most - Fernando Alonso. Hopefully next year everything will change or I won't be watching any like this year.

20th June 2010, the first PPP gathering 2010, I got nothing to say bout it because it falls on Father's Days as well so it wasn't that happening, well at least we get to meet some friends which we seldom gather together.

7th July 2010, Eclipse Premiere (third series from the Twilight Saga) at 1 Utama 9pm, watched with Nick, Susan, Christina and the other people that doesn't need to be mentioned. At least this time the storyline is better than New Moon, more interesting parts compare with the previous series as well. Anyway I got the premiere tickets to watch Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife on 8th September 2010, will let you all know whether the story is interesting or not.

17th July 2010, Bon Odori, went there with my Life and gang along with my sister and her friend. This year was very crowded compare with last year and I don't even get any fan from the event, argh~

Dinner treat at Damasara Village Steamboat. Just photo without story =)

Been to clubs for few times but I don't want to blog bout it, as usual, prefer to keep the stories low.

Well, next round I will update more frequent. That's all for this round =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It had been a long long time

It had been a long long time I didn't update here, lolx.

Nothing much actually happened for the past 2 months.

My birthday wasn't that happening, but that is what I wanted for, at least a peaceful once may be. Lolx.

The arcade situation had started to improve, most of the faulty machine had been fixed. But the Ez2dancer Korean 2nd move still pending. The PPP machines can be linked for play now, but most of the platform lights had blown. Beside, one of the colour board had spoiled so the green colour is missing.

Besides, the arcade had brought in a new version of DDR, Supernova 2. Well, I don’t play DDR much so nothing much for my concern. All I wanted for now is Ez2dancer Korean 2nd move.

I suffered a few minor injuries on some parts on my foot since I always push too hard in Ez2dancer, worse come to worse that I slipped on the machine due to my shoes problem, is been 6 years since my last fall on dancing machine but luckily there is no injury this time. But perhaps it is costing me some other injury at the moment, sigh.

Went to Coco Banana with Susan and Nick, it had been a long long time I hadn't been to club. After that we went to MOS the other day, along with few hot chicks, no story off course. Lolx.

World Cup is happening now and I am very glad to being appointed as 1 of the marketing crew for Adidas and most of all, the crew my favourite team - Germany. Thank you Adidas, see me around during Germany' matches.

After I had worked for Ez2dancer for almost 7 years, and now seems like is time for me to quit and retire, sometimes this is my fate, my destiny which is not what I wanted for, but sometimes it's not up to me to choose nor a chance for me to decide. Surely I will miss Ez2dancer if I am forced to retire but I know really nothing much I can do now, everything will be decided after the PPP gathering, don't feel like think bout it now, headache.

1 more week, the 2010 PPP gathering will be hosted in Sunway Pyramid again, if you are interested you may join us, admission is free =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Lately, things changed a lot, or may be I am too busy with my work until I didn't have much time to enjoy myself.

I had won 2 tickets to watch Clash Of The Titans premiere during end of the March but in the end I passed the ticket away, not in the mood to catch any movie also, until now I still haven't watch that movie.

I miss clubbing also, but I seriously don't have the time for it, somehow I guess I already forget how to club, don't even know how many events I had missed out for MOS. Most of my time nowadays is just spent on Pool and Arcade.

Talk bout pool, nothing much too mention. But bout arcade, lots of interesting stuffs happened, after quite some time I didn't really touch PPP but I didn't lose my touch. I am still great in it with some minor mistake, well, at least I didn't make any big mistake.

Bumped up with the Klang members in Pyramid somewhere last week and we had some sort of small battle for fun, well I did some minor mistake but I was still the better one on that night. Wonder how shame it could be if I made a huge mistake that night. Well, that's lucky.

Talk bout other games in arcade, nothing much special, not playing House Of The Death 4 until it is fully fix, and only need a good partner like Ruby. Did play Maximum Tune 3 once in a while. And always sticking with the Virtual Strikers 2002.

Bought a new car in Initial D V3, Honda Civic Type R (EK9), since I like Happogahara Outbound track so much, currently just level 5 with almost 20% tuned but the speed for the track already can match the speed of RX8.

Ez2dancer is back to the arcade but it's still UK Special Edition, well, better than nothing, trying to push myself more in it but suffered a minor injury on my ankle, but should be recovered very soon. Now I had just did something new that freaked out all the arcade staffs, this is going to be my new secret weapon for Ez2dancer. Wakaka.

Went to visit my dad's side grandparents' grave on weekends, surprisingly my previous ex went on the same day (P/S: her grandfather's grave is just on the next row of my grandparents' grave) but lucky I didn't bump up with her, but my mom said she did saw my ex earlier. Well, I don't give a damn, lolx.

Songs, is just like human. Some people, you don't like them at first, after that you like them. Sometime you like them at first but then end up you hate them. Even some person you don't even know, you like them after certain things, but after certain things else, it hurts you badly.

Song I doesn't like, but after that I like it: Jason Derulo - Whataya' Say
Song I like, but now I don't really like: Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift - Two Is Better Than One
Song that I don't really know, and now it makes me sorrow always: Keri Hilson - Knock You Down

But music always heal our soul too, so Let The Music Heal Your Soul.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The March's Spring

Well, it's been some time I didn't update here again. Reason: Busy plus a little bit of laziness, but most of all, nothing much to update here, nothing much is happening also.

It's already March, the third month of year 2010 and sometimes I still accidentally wrote 2009 sometimes. Time passed very fast and I started to notice, I changed again, or may be everyone changed, and I realized some of them seriously cannot be trusted, and some people can't be rely on when you need something urgently.

Well, the only movie I caught was, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Oh my god, I almost miss out this movie, a nice movie indeed, lucky I still managed to watch it before the cinema take it off.

Talk bout movie, never thought that Avatar can't win the Best Pictures Award in the Oscar award, quite disappointing. Anyway for all the movie I watched in year 2009, I still feel that Avatar is the best, followed by 2012 then gamers and so on, worst movie? I will vote for Street Fighters - Legend of Chun Li. Wasted my money on that movie seriously.

My arcade life, things started to change, towards the bad side I mean, players started to abandon Pyramid's arcade due to all the damage and faulty. Even Ruby and me went to Tropicana's arcade to play House of The Dead 4, and we both are good partners, we both finished the whole game with just 1 credit each.

Both Ez2dancer in Pyramid's arcade were down now, only left 1 UK Move Special Edition in Asian Avenue which is lagging all the time and the platform is unstable also. If you all think this is a bad news, well the good news is, they might bring Korean 2nd Move back to the arcade or may be better one, the China Mix. Oh my god, I can't wait for Vision.

But is been more than 7 months I haven't been on the Korean 2nd Move, wonder can I do it like how I did last time. I can't remember how to play Pierrot with Blind mode on for sure, Vision may be still can. Hopefully my touch in it won't be much different from last time.

Not going to change song this time. Ahahaha... like this song now.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Chinese New Year 2010 - Year of The Tiger... Roar~

Well, today is the 8th day of The Tiger Year, but so far I still don't really enjoy Chinese New Year.

From the eve until the 4th day, I was backed in Cheras to spend time with family. And it was totally boring there, other than the 1st day I managed to have fun in arcade with Kenneth, the the other 3 days were all dinners all around. And the pool center there totally sucks. Overall, no entertainment there at all. Sigh~

Well, on the 1st day, battle of the luck with Kenneth on PPP in Pyramid and I had a better luck that day =)

Pyramid arcade seriously getting more and more lousy after those technicians resigned. Now the new technicians were fully filled up by those juniors, and even some of them sleep in public during working hours.

Most of the machines I used to play are having major issues.
  1. Crazy Taxi 3 - Acceleration problem.
  2. The House Of The Death 4 - Both guns having angle problem.
  3. Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter - Middle punch button not functioning and can't jump towards left.
  4. Initial D (V2 and V3) - Sterling wheels and gear box problem, always run out of cards, may be the technicians don't know how to refill.
  5. Maximum Tune - Gear box problem.
  6. Para-Para Paradise - Both machines can't link anymore. Argh~
Seriously, I rather this arcade close down and wait for the better arcade management company to come into pyramid.

Oh ya, not to forget, I am going to teach an old friend how to dance in the arcade, but I don't think my friend have the talent in it, hopefully my friend can do it well.

Anyway, went to Jiayi's house on the 7th day, lolx, had fun there but having problem getting out of her house after won some money from the others. End up cabut as fast as I can after getting some excuses.

Also got my new cue stick for Pool and I named it Jaguar, lolx. Will have the chance to show you all in the future.

Going back to work tomorrow after a week of holiday, lolx, even still lazy but still, I have to go, lolx.

Lately too many nice songs came out, I seriously having a hard time to choose a new songs for my blog, Songs like:
  1. Neyo - Never Knew I'm Needed
  2. Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me
  3. Owl City - Fireflies
But end up I chose this song, Down - Jay Sean (Ballad Version)